Beşiktaş 2017-2018 Adidas

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    What do you guys think about Turkey's last champion's new kits?
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  2. Love the pattern on the home and third. Away is not too bad as well.
  3. I like only home shirt. Patterns aren't dark. Thety don't distort totality. But striped jersey is horrible. İt's just like prison.
    Adidas never used stripes on arms before ( after 2000s). But striped jersey should include stripes on arms. And also the 2 more stripes are missing on the front. There could be 2 more stripes..
  4. As a besiktas fan I only liked home
  5. I like the home pattern and the alternative kit.
  6. I like the 2nd and 3rd kit most.
  7. I don't really care about goalkeeper kits anymore because every team from the same supplier almost always gets the exact same template and colours (except Wycombe Wanderers of course).
  8. Why? :D
  9. Good set.
  10. Thanks good job

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